progressive folk-rock with roots established in anglo-european and celtic traditions

“From a gentle lilt to a wall of sound, every second of a Tin Giants concert is a quality experience, their blend of voices, instruments and genres giving everyone a personal musical high - quite unique"
Chris W - Royston


The Lighthouse is here!


Our first official Tin Giants EP was launched on 23 June. The Lighthouse includes four studio tracks and two bonus live recordings. Grab your copy now:

AS A CD: Come to a gig and buy from us in person price £8. Or send £10 and your postal address via Paypal to: and we will post you a copy. (If you’re outside the UK, please contact us to confirm p&p charges)

AS A HIGH QUALITY DOWNLOAD:  From our Bandcamp page (See Tab above)

AND via the usual streaming platforms.

Fancy some free music? We're sending an exclusive mp3 to everyone who signs up to our mailing list (see link at the foot of this page). The extra track (not included on the EP) consists of two tunes, The Long Walk, a slow air written by Tin Giants’ Bryan Causton, followed by the lively Schottische du Stockfish, written by Belgian accordionist and hurdy gurdy player, Daniel Thonon.  

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