"The music sounds like a cross between  Mike Oldfield's album  Ommadawn and Blackmore's Night, which in my book, are way up there with the  best."

"We loved every minute! So pleased we came - such a fantastic array of instruments and such beautiful songs and melodies - thank you!"

"If I went to a music festival anywhere in the world, and you were headlining, I would be very, very happy. I think that the band are mesmerisingly magical. Beautiful music, beautiful vocals. Thank you. You take me to THAT place!"

"A really enjoyable musical extravaganza. Such talent, so eclectic, thoroughly entertaining. I would HIGHLY recommend and will be excited to see Tin Giants again.What a ‘folking' experience! Thank you, first time I’ve been moved in a long time."

"Enjoyed the track! Looking forward to hear more of the EP "

"I've just spent a very pleasant half hour watching Tin Giants on YouTube. Absolutely brilliant !!!"

" Looking forward to hearing your musical journey "


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