Bryan grew up in a house where his mother listened to Rimsky-Korsakov and Chopin , his father The Ink Spots and Wendell Hall and his brother Progressive Rock . One of his earliest memories is of his mother ironing, with The Flight of the Bumblebee playing loudly in the background. It is of little wonder then that his musical taste is varied and far reaching.Bryan started his musical journey playing guitar in rock bands in the 70’s, moving on to jazz , folk and the broader rock spectrum to build his current distinctive and diverse musical style.

Bryan’s energy for musical projects is limitless and he has a way of drawing out the best in his fellow musicians, both in the studio and in performance. As well as constantly writing music and creating intriguing, intricate arrangements he is also a skilled producer, session player and recording engineer.

Bryan was a founding member of Shave the Monkey and Strangeworld  and is currently also in The Boxwood Chessmen , Causton and Walker and 3Folk, he can also be seen accompanying his daughter, singer/songwriter Melody Causton at some of her performances.