john campbell armer

Campbell has been making music for many many years, mainly on guitars, bass, voice and percussion. First musical memories were of hymns, then at the age of four, hearing Reach Out (I’ll Be There) by The Four Tops “booming” from the trusty family Hacker Herald changed everything. Musical influences are forever growing but were ignited by Mike Oldfield, Queen, ELO, Fairport, Steeleye, Pentangle, Pete Atkin & Clive James, Genesis, Albion Band, The Home Service, Steve Hackett and Peter Hamill. He loves The Frames, Gentle Giant, Genesis (again), Big Big Train, Biffy Clyro, Flipron, Richard Thompson, The Divine Comedy (Neil Hannon) and is an unashamed Rush fanatic.

Campbell’s first “school band” was Coulterthwaite, a progessive/folk-rock band that left many a North London sixth former and teacher completely baffled and partially deafened. A serial collaborator, he helped form Tansey’s Fancy, latterly Barnet Fair, Across The Lines, Dr Rock, The Sheep Warriors, The Kings Of Langley, CarnaC, The Boxwood Chessmen and Tin Giants. He’s also been sighted stepping into the breach with Wives And Servants, Black Rat, Dangerous Circles, Strangeworld and Shave The Monkey. He is one quarter of The Boxwood Chessmen and frequently contributes to musical and spoken word projects recorded and live.

He currently uses and abuses lovely instruments and equipment by Dingwall, Fender, Bass Collection, Roland, Keith McMillen, Korg, Boss, SVL, GSP, Yamaha, K Yairi, Burny, Atkin, Vox, Barefaced and Gallien-Kreuger.

Cam’s other credits unfortunately don’t include The Bill or Grange Hill.