Martin was mostly built in Bricket Wood, probably by the Handley Page Victor assembly line just down the road. Early musical influences include indoctrinations from Chris Barber (dad), The Beatles (mum) and Flanders & Swann’s ‘Transport of Delight’ (a favourite). Several epiphanies occurred including the first hearings and immediate love of classical music via Grieg’s ‘ In The Hall Of The Mountain King’ (about 7), Deep Purple (In Rock, definitely 12) and from there quickly into Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Free, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Who and Yes. We do not often discuss the transitions through The Monkees, T Rex etc but they are there. The love of classical music is always present. Martin showed average to poor abilities on a number of musical instruments at an early age, particularly recorder and violin. Secondary school led to piano (still playing) and bassoon (loved but long forgotten). He also taught himself guitar (still playing), a bit of bass (still playing) and as a desperate last measure for one gig with no rehearsal, drums (still playing). Martin has always sung. Many choirs and bands over the years have had the pleasure . . .

Performance of music has always been a thing. Apart from school ‘shows’ (from the age of 7), he organised his first ‘gig’ for ‘Blitz’ (Glam Rock) at the age of fourteen. Over 50 years later, he is still organising and playing gigs. He was a founder member of Rough Silk, the Candleford Ceilidh Band , The Pet Lemmings  and Roaring Meg  and works as a guest for many bands. As well as being a member of Tin Giants, he also plays with ‘The Floaters’  and ‘Mandolin Mondays’ .

Martin has also been in demand as a caller for ceilidhs, folk and barn dances since 1987. He has worked at events and festivals across the UK with bands including Barnet Fair, The Boxwood Chessmen, Dangerous Circles, Easy Weasel, Fiddlebridge, The Goat Ceilidh Band, Mum’s Porridge, Nightwatch, Phungus, Random, Shave The Monkey, The Stomping Boondocks, Strangeworld and Woodsiders.

 Martin plays a  Mapex ProM kit with add-ons and a range of cymbals (Paiste, Sabian, Stagg and Zildjian), Meinl congas, but also a handmade ‘SG Percussion’ cajon and a Harley Benton Kahuna CLU-Bass Ukulele.