Penni McLaren Walker is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter with ‘a voice to hear by the ocean’. Her signature open-tuned guitar style offers the perfect match for the musical depth, light and shade of her voice and many of her superb songs have been recorded by other artists. Penni refuses to be constrained by musical style. She used to sing in a Hawkwind covers band, was introduced to folk at an early age through Scottish country dancing and still immerses herself in Irish traditional music for three weekends every year.

Penni regularly performs at a variety of venues in the UK and Europe as a solo artist, in a duo with Bryan Causton in Causton & Walker and with The Boxwood Chessmen . She is also a great collaborator with other musicians and artists. Working with Bryan Causton and friends, she wrote the lyrics and songs for the ‘Scott of the Antarctic’ concept album released in 2022. She also worked with the late poet, Clare Crossman, to produce the magical poetry and song cycle Fen Song - A Ballad of the Fen.